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Digital tester di volt + USB

Prezzo: 34.65 EUR (4,500 yen)
Guadagna punto Webike: 45pt (1%)
Shopping informazioni
In stock at Webike: Solo 1 rimanenti. Se ordinate entro 3 ore 41 minuti.
Shipping date: 2017-08-18 Fri JST
Ship from Japan.
Descrizione del prodotto in basso si traduce automaticamente da Google.
Tensione di ingresso : DC12V-24V
Tensione di uscita : DC5V
corrente di uscita : 2. 1A (Un totale di 2 cappe)
Sovracorrente fusibile corrispondente : Substrato Embedded Spec (Corpo di Reversione ON / Interruttore OFF)
Cablaggio Lunghezza totale : 1.500 millimetri
Terminale di collegamento a Y Built-in
Con nastro a doppia faccia
Cablaggio può essere fatto direttamente alla batteria!
Sopra / OFF e dotato di una porta USB di alimentazione.
E 'il prodotto ideale per l'utente TouringHeavy che può cogliere l'BatteryCondition saldamente e spesso utilizzare veicoli a iniezione e DigitalTool.

- Voltmetro di display digitale per capire in un colpo d'occhio!
● Cablaggio diretto alla batteria in modo che possa essere collegato con facilità. Quando non in uso, accendere il consumo di energia tagliato su / Spegnere.
● La parte porta USB è dotata di tappi in gomma. In caso di rottura per caso : 14009 Parti kit di riparazione!
● 5V · 2. 1A (2 bocche totale) · Dotato di una porta USB, dotato di illuminazione LEDBlue che lo rende facile giudicare la porta di inserimento di notte o al buio!
Input Voltage: DC12V-24V
Output Voltage: DC5V
Output Current: 2.1A(A total of 2-cap)
Overcurrent Corresponding Fuse: Substrate Embedded Spec (Reversion Body ON/OFF Switch)
Wiring Overall Length: 1500mm
Y-shaped Connection Terminal Built-in
with Double Sided Tape
Wiring can be done directly to Battery!
ON / OFF switch and equipped with a USB power supply port.
It is the perfect product for TouringHeavy user who can grasp the BatteryCondition firmly and frequently use Injection vehicles and DigitalTool.

- Voltmeter of Digital display to understand at a glance!
● Direct Wiring to Battery so that it can be connected easily. When not in use, turn on Cut power consumption ON / OFF Switch.
● The USB port part is equipped with dustproof measures Rubber cap. In case of breakage by any chance : 14009 Repair Parts set!
●5V · 2. 1A (2 mouth total) · Equipped with a USB port, equipped with LEDBlue lighting that makes it easy to judge the insertion port at night or in the dark!
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    Great to use with GPS

    Pubblicato Mar 9, 2017
    Di NO NAME (2)Da parte diThailand

    Bought many times to install on my new bikes. This saves space since it is both a USB charger and a voltmeter in a single unit. I was a bit worried if it is weatherproof but it seems to withstand bike washes fine. Just dont let the water soak the switch too much. The water could enter there and mess up the numeric display until it is left dry compl...

    I fixed it to Emon's L-shaped Bracket with Double-sided Tape and Tie Wrap and attached it together with Bolt of Cowl.It is hard to see if the surroundings are bright, but if you are a bit shade, you can clearly read the numbers.Ease of use Minus is USB Cap.Although it is necessary to close it when not in use, Cap is hard to fit in Body.It is a ...

    Voltmeter + USB

    Pubblicato Apr 20, 2016

    Since I use USB frequently and I use Battery of Made in China, I always find it useful because I can see the voltage I care about always with one switch. Also the characters are easy to see. I think that it was still better if there are color differences of Body and color differences of characters in Lineup. Just somewhat Cost feels high but durabl...

    For voltage management

    Pubblicato Jun 10, 2015

    Since it adds HID, it is attached for voltage management(Lower side of the photo) USB may be necessary in the futureI made this product so that USB can also be used from the beginning.Even if the switch is on the Right Side side and the key is OFFIf it is set to Switch ON, voltage display as shown in the pictureEnergize USB devices(I will not use i...

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