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Ranked 20 of 1,651 brands  in Scarichi
(846 recensioni dei clienti)
Molto bene
Sito ufficiale

YOSHIMURA has conducted research and development in motorcycle parts and participated in races for years. Users extremely support their product performance and craftsmanship created from their high technology.

YOSHIMURA Mikuni TMR34 carburatore Set

We installed in PHANTOM MAX, improved both acceleration and maximum speed. The amount of acceleration Pump and Timing can be adjusted so setting can be done comfortably.

YOSHIMURA Dual Stack sistema di canalizzazione Set...

The price is expensive and I will hesitate to purchase, but I bought it right answer. The finish is beautiful and easy to install. The air intake sound is quiet when I drive. I gradually open throttle...

YOSHIMURA macchina Bent R-77S ciclone Carbon Fine ...

Titanium blue mounted on 16 grom.Installation was afraid that Nut stopping Footpeg and Frame would loosen with Demon Torque, but otherwise it was easy.Excellent mounting precision, sound too noisy hea...

YOSHIMURA gomma Grip Set

I've been replacing Grip with Other Company Product several times over the past 30 years of Motorcycle, but I thought NORMAL was the best as a result of arrival.The Other Company Product was convi...

YOSHIMURA Bazzaz QS4 USB Auto Shifter

I installed Automatic shifter along with woodstock's Rear Sets.Handling Instruction Manual is English version and translation (Please enter here but it is very hard to understand with sentences on...

YOSHIMURA Slip-on Silenziatore R-77J Cyclone Speci...

It is a change from Slip-on Silencer of MORIWAKI.It is my favorite Brand, but anything high - - - Even in OakontoThere were a lot of people to compete and it was quite expensive so I could not get it ...

YOSHIMURA K & N filtri dell'aria di ricambio

Anyway, I chose the replacement filter,It turns out that the height dimensions are Large rim and a gap is created in the lid of the Air Box.Although the price is reasonably high Air Filter,Since it se...

YOSHIMURA Tri-Cone Titanio Cyclone Carbon End

Titanium texture, color best. Main pipe thin, feeling of Torque. But it does not rotate high. I wish I could take a ride in the town. Oil When exchanging, let's remove. It is not the shape to do a...

YOSHIMURA ciclone TYPE-3 (piegato a mano di titani...

In LITTLE CUB, High-compression of KITACO and High Camshaft of YOSHIMURA are put in.Especially from 6000 to 8000 Torque more than the previous Exhaust System, 13,000 rpm (Limiter is running. ) Comfort...

YOSHIMURA K & N filtri dell'aria di ricambio

I received it the day after the order date. Installation was also easy without problems. The thing was firmly done. After installation, I ran lightly, but the inspiratory sound from the run started to...

YOSHIMURA Kit Dual Stack sistema di canalizzazione...

Purchased with dual stack specification of TMR-mjn. According to the attached manual, the main jet was at the top 10 than the normal funnel. While wondering if the amount of air will increase so far, ...

YOSHIMURA YOSHIMURA vinile Portachiavi

It is attached to Bag of everyday use.After all, as a motorcycle ride, I think that there is no one who does not know YOSHIMURA, so I think that it is understood to those who understand even if walkin...

YOSHIMURA Ventilatore piegante di Yoshimura Kyoto

I bought it because I found it when I saw YOSHIMURA Goods. Every detail was carefully made and I used it every summer at my work place. I would like to use this summer, too.

YOSHIMURA YOSHIMURA Thermos Vacuum Heat Insulation...

I liked YOSHIMURA so I tried purchasing it, but Design is also very simple and quite good.Considering the function is reasonable price, but hopefully it is a bit cheaper..I will purchase another one -...

YOSHIMURA Caso iPhone6 ​​IC Card

I installed it immediately.Although it protrudes somewhat, the texture is high and it is very good.I do not put in ICCard and Slide because I do not want to use it as it is.

YOSHIMURA Portachiavi [R-11 CICLONE]

I attached the R-11CYCLONE to the GSX-R1000 so I tried it all together.Just because the key ring of this Key Holder was thick and it was hard to attach to the SEA BASSOEM key, I moved it to the Key Ho...

YOSHIMURA Kit Dual Stack sistema di canalizzazione...

Inhalation efficiency, including buoyed Custom elements included.In terms of performance, Response got better from bottom to top, and the fastest speed has also expanded.However, I think that it is a ...

YOSHIMURA Kit Dual Stack sistema di canalizzazione...

Low to medium speed range to maximum rotation (Rev limit) Smooth acceleration and Torque up up to.The looks are good, the surroundings around the engine become gorgeous, and there is a feeling that Gr...


【WebikeMonitor】Because I wanted a new Mug cup, I bought Mug cup of YOSHIMURA and uses it.While watching the letters of YOSHIMURA while drinking Coffee every morning while doing Nico.

YOSHIMURA YOSHIMURA vinile Portachiavi

It was this design 30 years ago (^^)Become such a fancy Key HolderIt's nice to meet you..I use it for the key of Disk Lock.Every time I lock it I'm blinking (^_^) v

YOSHIMURA Giacca YOSHIMURA Kushitani caldo Mid

Truly KUSHITANI & YOSHIMURA collaboration!Insanely Design is Parenthesis well warm.It seems that you can also use it as a spring midget, autumn entrance and mid Layer in winter.But the shoulder wi...

YOSHIMURA secco manica lunga t-shirt

LongShirt is getting old and I bought it.But the season has changed and it is getting cold, I think I would like to wear it in layersI will write a little bit of impression1. I thought it was warm in ...

YOSHIMURA manica Kushitani piatto Fit

It takes a bit of trouble to wear it, but it feels very pleasant when you are wearing a good Fit feeling. I feel a little expensive in terms of COSPA, but because it is a functional Brand it is good.


When the endurance comes, YOSHIMURA will take heat.Is not there people full of people of the same generation?It's cool, so next year I will wear a koreI will go to support Suzuka (^_^) v


Tend to be in this hand T-Shirt "Pe Lea" "Print degrading with several washes" There was not cheapness such as.It is the standard quality, 3000 yen T-Shirt feeling quality.

YOSHIMURA secco manica lunga t-shirt

【WebikeMonitor】 Collaboration products of YOSHIMURA and KUSHITANII am looking for exactly what Season in the future is going to findIt is easy to take off when you wear under leather Jacket


After I took off Helmet, my hair would inevitably get strange, so I always hunted with a hat and I was looking for something good, this time I stopped watching and bought it. Because the Exhaust Syste...

YOSHIMURA US YOSHIMURA protezione di Snapback

【WebikeMonitor】As I got off Motorcycle at the time of Touring my hair became pepper Tan coWhen I wore a hat I reserved a new product thinking that I can spend without having to worry about Pet Tan Ko.

YOSHIMURA secco della squadra T-shirt

Making as expected, comfort is also perfect.I am satisfied with Large purchase cheaper than usual.For YOSHIMURA fans, is not it a perfect T - Shirt.

YOSHIMURA squadra T-shirt

I purchased and wear Red.Logo of YOSHIMURA of White place is wonderful in Red.I, the special YOSHIMURA does not like Large, but since it is Parenthesis, I wear it often in favorites.

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