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Ranked 153 of 1,768 brands  in Ricambi maniglie manopole ed interruttori
(93 recensioni dei clienti)
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NHK has been supported by Japanese motorcycle riders as a top brand of steering damper for a long time. Their product can be widely adjusted, and can be used at public road as well

NHK Ammortizzatori ODM-3160

【What made you decide the purchase?】Reliable JAPAN! And Raceetc. Trust in Manufacturer from the history of【How was it actually used?】Certainly the shake of the car body, especially the Handlebar, has ...

NHK Kit ammortizzatore di sterzo

A yearning steering damper. After I got on the final VRG 250, I thought that I wanted someday, but at last I did it.As you can see in other comments, you need to install it so that you can infer the I...

NHK Kit ammortizzatore di sterzo

Since 8 Inch is used, as the speed increases, the ground feeling of the Front becomes suspicious, so install Steering damper. Takegawa's Up Exhaust System makes it impossible for the Handlebar to ...

NHK Ammortizzatore di sterzo ODM-2000

I purchase it as a Universal Product, but there is no problem with accuracy accuracy. Although it is used for 4 MINI, the swinging of the Handlebar is also suppressed, the sense of stability has incre...

NHK Kit ammortizzatore di sterzo

This is a very well thought out and engineered kit which I fitted to my bike in half an hour. Despite the instructions being in Japanese, fitting was very easy. I should like to congratulate the engin...

NHK Forcella staffa laterale A Tipo

It is disappointing though it is made with good Aluminum but it is precisely but the last processing is not done but it is regrettable, but when it is polished with paper File, it became Polished, Alu...

NHK Kit ammortizzatore di sterzo

This time I bought it as a friend asked me.NHK 's Steering Damper has over 20 years but no Oil leaks! Movement does not change in hot summer or winter. You can use it for a long time with confiden...

NHK Kit ammortizzatore di sterzo

I think it's a good feeling Ring..................................................

NHK Kit ammortizzatore di sterzo

The best position can not be grasped due to the lack of Stroke of the former Steering damper (Was it not easy to install?) I took it off, but I felt uneasy about swing due to high speed and Gap of the...

NHK Kit ammortizzatore di sterzo

When traveling at high speed, the straightness is disturbed by crosswinds and ruts, but if you raise the Steering damper 6 clicks by 2 or 3 steps,Steering's Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Wi...

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