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KOMINE is a traditional Japanese riding wear manufacturer. Their wide lineup allows to match in various situations. You can surely find your best item. Protector is completely equipped and it is a must wear for riding!

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KOMINE GK-145 Super Fit pioggia Guanti ACROPOLIS

Was using this in a downpour for a 15km trip in the city. My hands are all wet after 20 minutes of riding. Absolutely not waterproof. The waterproof membrane is too thin and very easy to tear.

KOMINE WJ-737 Jeans

Is my Waist 100? (40in) Although it is Size's Lineup 38 is next to 44 is too subtle. Hip is nice, but Waist gotta pull out unless Belt is done in Dub Dub.Regarding the making of Others, I am sorry...

KOMINE SK-695 Multi Chest Protector

Since I got KUSHITANI 's Mesh Leather Jacket, I am now coming from Season, but because it is Tight, I can not install Komine' s SK - 688 Supreme System Body Protector which I used to date so I...

KOMINE SA-202 Hip sacchetto impermeabile

There is nothing good in quality at Waterproof Pouch, and it will flood almost when it is Large rain.This Bag has good Waterproof nature, but it is not stable as a Hip bag.Because the price is cheap, ...

KOMINE PK-700 Protect pantaloni a cavallo Mesh BIR...

I bought it as my first Riding Pants.We are 168 cm tall and weigh about 63 kg, but this time I ordered L Size.Length is like the hem arrives at the ground when standing, just right Length when taking ...

KOMINE Livello SK-803 Beetle EK CE 2

The actual effect is unknown because it is undefined.I feel good from the feeling.If Clear is really CELevel 2, Cospa is the best!

KOMINE PK-722 Kevlar Giro Jeans

Purchase to try Jeans with Protector.Jeans usually wears W33L33, but Lineup is 34 on W32 and no 33. Option Waist Guard (Komine's CEShoulder pad) I chose 34 so that it could also be included. Becau...

KOMINE SK-695 Multi Chest Protector

Height 167? Weight 77 kg L Size Small It is fat.Size is enough. I still think that Large is durable even for people who are Large.You can drive without feeling discomfort also wearing.I ran 700? For 2...

KOMINE AK-092 COOLMAX collo del dispositivo di raf...

i dont know why .Just wont cool. in direct sun light it was little bit hot. the humidity 80-90%
. may be it is the reason why this is trash for me

KOMINE PK-722 Kevlar Giro Jeans

Purchase 1 pc eyes half a year ago. Kyushu - I used it for the crossing tour of Shikoku for the first time. Except for the point that it is hard to set the position of the knee Protector somewhat, ela...

KOMINE Lock Disc LK-114 Reminder

After all, it is a bit troublesome to attach Large Yu Chain every time to stop only for a while at the place of departure Large body I found a product this time Large body It has passed over a year no...

KOMINE AK-130 Compact Bike copertura mezza

코미네 제품은 늘 만족하며 구매하게 됩니다. 광고 설명도 충실하여 사실과 일치하며, 제품의 내구성과 기능도 뛰어납니다.
코미네 제품은 늘 만족하며 구매하게 됩니다. 광고 설명도 충실하여 사실과 일치하며, 제품의 내구성과 기능도 뛰어납니다.
Komine products are always satisfied and will buy. The descr...

KOMINE LK-120 Allarme Pad Lock

I also considered OEM's Alarm for the theft prevention of Motorcycle, but I did not mind buying it as soon as the price was high and the burden on Battery was also considered. If you are looking f...

KOMINE LK-111 Catena Piazza Pad Lock

I bought it because it felt somewhere that chain system was harder to cut than Wire system.Cospa is nice if heavy chain and key are heavy set at this price. The key isIf Size matches, it becomes Disk ...

KOMINE blocco LK-115 moschettone Wire

Helmet, Tank Bag, SeatBack, Jacket etc in the summer It will be handy to be able to feel free locking when leaving Motorcycle for a while. You can also freely set the 4 digit number for lock number an...

KOMINE SK-645 Wrist Brace

Since the wrist hurts when I ride a long distance, I tried to buy it at the actual shop because I have been concerned about this product for a long time since I do not see it at the actual shop.Althou...

KOMINE LK-120 Allarme Pad Lock

Although it can be used without Alarm, in that case I think that it is not suitable for crime prevention for strength enemies.Alarm is not too noisy I wonder neighborhood trouble.I use it as a simple ...

KOMINE SA-212 modellata Saddle Bag EXP

Fix the position at Belt in Seat and fix it by Flap as Yayaro Broadbeach state with Convention Container Belt. SoRegardless of the weight of luggage by all means the load is applied to the sewn part o...

KOMINE Lock Disc LK-114 Reminder

Although it is a commodity of a low price range in terms of price, there is no trouble after two years* Key movements, reminder Wire out of etc. I have not found it yet

KOMINE Lock Disc LK-114 Reminder

With reminder, easy to use.In the structure where the key insertion portion pops out when unlocking,When locking it is easy to use as it only pushes.


Off I bought it for leisurely searching forest road with a car. I usually use L Size of SHOEI so I chose L Size. Size was just right. Although it is natural, the quality feeling drops considerably com...

KOMINE Casco Remover

Helmet remover essential for Circuit driving. Considering the time of falling, I think it is safe in relief. Although it is an ordinary commodity, standards also pass, and feeling of use is no problem...


I bought a total of two, one for myself and one for children.The product is the worst..First, the person who received the Screen installation Screw, that is, the Helmet side was out of Helmet.There ar...

KOMINE AK-338 WR Helmet Bag

I was expecting to be portable with things like Packable function, but I was abandoned carrying with me on the planned storage space under Seat. Actual measurement 267 g, Large Kimi about 5 music CDCa...

KOMINE HK-168 PLUTO sostituzione visiera

The replacement shield fit my helmet,the original shield broke when helmet drop. Able to find the replacement shield in webike with reasonable price, quality look same as original.


Helmet is light, comfort to wear but the wind shield a bit tough to move up & down. Overall not bad. I like the small detail engrave on the helmet with reflector at the back


The chance to learn this was using the instructor of the school.It was a light word at the moment I bought it!Tried up and down Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because it is light even if it shak...


We use KomineBrand's Motorcycle supplies and Wear, but Helmet is the first !!It became known per se that he was making Helmet with Komine (sweat)In short, what is good is exhausted as Cost perform...


First I felt it was light with a box.It is not easy to get out of the box - - -Helmet for CUB has exceeded ten years, so I decided to change my style as a matter of fact, but I did it at the end after...

KOMINE Casco Remover

since it was required of the Regulation, it bought! -- well cheap -- since it carries out and is obstructed satisfactorily ordinarily, I think that it is good!!! push -- end -- peevish [ come out and ...

KOMINE AK-021 in neoprene Handle Warmer

Purchase for DAX. I'm driving with Glasses, but I raise the Shield and correct the position of Glasses even while waiting for a ride while traveling, so Rib about Han Cover was in the way. So, I t...

KOMINE AK-021 in neoprene Handle Warmer

Repeat is in use on CYGNUS X for commuting.In the last time, of course, it was used only in winter, 3Season was used, so it was faded, so I replaced it.Especially because it never broke, durability is...

KOMINE AK-001 Thermolight Maniglia Warmer

It is warm enough to feel even publicly as to why I did not use it soonOriginally, poor operability at Warm Gloves was triggered by purchaseI dared to make this type which can also Cover Switch.Bought...

KOMINE AK-021 in neoprene Handle Warmer

I bought the same thing since I was using it for 3 years ago. Although it is said that you are familiar with it, the Design feature feeling is both Large. However, since Left Side does not operate Bli...

KOMINE AK-049 in neoprene Maniglia Warmer, Long

Since Komine Han Cover which I was wearing earlier came, I bought Long Type's one and attached it.It matches Sportsy Design of CROSSCUB, so it looks pretty.It is convenient because it prevents the...

KOMINE AK-021 in neoprene gestire più caldo

I do not dare cut it, I use Handlebar and only the Lever section and use it. Switch part is still left, but you can manage it. Thinking about the future, I attached it without cutting it. My fingers d...

KOMINE copertura di sede AK-107 3D Air Mesh

I am using it for R1200GS.When I parked in the summer, Seat got hot and it felt unhappy right after I got on the train.With this attached, even if you sit, the heat of Seat does not come through.I nev...

KOMINE AK-049 in neoprene Maniglia Warmer, Long

In the coming season "I do not want to get on a ride" As I thought, the price was a bit cheap so I bought this Long Type.As for installation, there is not much detail mentioned, and in the c...

KOMINE AK-021 in neoprene Handle Warmer

Although I was using the same thing, because of aged deterioration, faded out, etc etc etc. I exchanged because it came out. (4 years use) Although the Axel side is installed as usual, Clutch side is ...

KOMINE Cigarette cavi della presa di alimentazione...

Is there a reason why the shape of Cigar lighter is Large?If the Female side is long and deep, I think that it will not come off by vibration during drivingI do not want to install such large items as...

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