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KAWASAKI Accessory offers products such as customization parts or goods with playful spirit for KAWASAKI models which satisfies KAWASAKI motorcycle riders' requirements.

KAWASAKI telo coprimoto Super Bike Dress

I replaced it as I purchased a new car.Size is also Exactly good.Osamu Osamu feeling like flowing stones.For now, I can not see the seizure of the Exhaust System part.

KAWASAKI Tubo Multi Kawasaki

I thought that it was a horizontally long tubular type, but I purchased it was a vertically long tubular type.I am curious that the edge is easy to turn and the white color of the lining can be seen.I...

KAWASAKI Supporto Ninja Key Light

This time Quantity : 2pc. It is a purchase of eyes eye.Although the accumulated light of the same product purchased two years ago has not declined, since it got dirty, it will be re-purchased.If you l...

KAWASAKI 3 colori & 1 penna a sfera II

Ballpen was purchased additionally by total commodity matching to use Point.It is an ordinary Multi-Purpose Ball-Point Pen, it has nothing to complain about and you can use it normally.Although the wh...

KAWASAKI Caricamento Hook Dado

Purchase as it is necessary for using Net with Touring.The installation was OEM only and it fits Exactly (^_^)However, I thought that it was early to rust.

KAWASAKI Manuale di servizio (Versione base) [Giap...

It is a necessary book when troubling in maintenance.According to Trouble, how to deal with what is the causeIt is a textbook that knows if it is good.To keep things that I did not understand or to ke...

KAWASAKI Supporto stella Orso chiave

It is second generation.. The first generation is Green color, the second generation is Black color. It is very cute. However, the base of Key Holder is weak, and it will break apart after a while (Te...

KAWASAKI Caricamento Hook Dado

To w 650,Small school school bag on the storeroom installationTighten Nut through Hook,Fix the lower part of School bag to Rear stepWith this, I got along well.. It's Exactly on Side Back.

KAWASAKI Ninja asciugamani XI

Kawasaki's OEM Product, so I bought it for everyday use.But it looks a bit crappy as it is written in other impres.I think that there is no choice but the price is only a price, but I wanted somet...

KAWASAKI titanio Mug (Ninja)

1984 The first Ninja and the 2014 Ninja 1000 are lined up feeling nice.As a 2014 Ninja 1000 ride I was satisfied.Titanium's Logo is also available to satisfy ownership desire.Titanium is about 1 o...

KAWASAKI Fujin e Raijin Giappone tovagliolo

It decorated where the place is vacantAlthough it is a product that can not be used as a wipeFor decorative purposes it's quite niceI bought a ninja towel together as well

KAWASAKI Reserver frizione Serbatoio

Recommended by Shop, because it is popular and purchasing.Buy at the same time as vehicle inspection Brake side purchased same as Clutch.Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It became a nice feeling t...

KAWASAKI Kit Sindone Slider

By saying OEM, Design thinks that it matches the car body.Although I do not know the performance unless it falls down, I think that the burden on the fixed place is small because it supports the Slide...

KAWASAKI Kit retro sede

ESTRELLA itself is nearing end of sale NowadaysEspecially since ManufacturerOEMO option products are likely to be discontinued as soon as possiblePurchase just thinking that it is only nowattachment :...

KAWASAKI Vettore per KLX125 / D-TRACKER125

First of all, I do not understand the difference between this product J2000-0145 and J2000-0145B.In ManufacturerSite, the Option Parts of KLX 125 is J2000-0145B.Since we ordered J2000-0145B due to the...

KAWASAKI Kit copertura di sede singolo

Because the language of the Instruction Manual is English Version, I have Sat Paris. However, assembly was easy because the figure was easy to understand.It took a while to install. Although it was wr...

KAWASAKI Wristband (Kawasaki)

Received item as described. Fast delivery. Car park does not have shelter hence I bought it to cover the front brake reservoir of my bike to protect it from the constant exposure of sun which will not...

KAWASAKI Guardia Engine

'I switched to the 13-year-old ZX-6R and attached it to standing stand measures with concern for feet attachment.And the arrows you attached, quickly standing gob .... I felt the appreciation of t...

KAWASAKI Reserver serbatoio

I tried putting on a trendy place.Used in combination with Nisshin's separate body MASTER.I installed it using Universal's Bracket and H Type Rubber.It looks better than the original White Cup...

KAWASAKI Guardia Engine

The engine bar fits perfectly as you would expect from an original accessory. Very nice look, suits the bike perfectly. I ordered this bar on a Tuesday and it was delivered from Japan to Australia the...


It is ReturnRider who rides Motorcycle for 20 yearsRough & Road's Plain's Simple Jacket I wondered which way to do itI removed the attached Inner and wore down the workman's wind prote...

KAWASAKI T-shirt Fuku-sho

I was interested in saying SizeFree, but I usually feel a little Small for me of Size XL, but I like it and I will wear it. I love cute and Parenthesis goodness and I thought that I wanted her even th...

KAWASAKI Guanti d'inverno armati 5

In the screen, the palm side looks like Brown, but the real thing is completely black.Until now, because it was KUSHITANI's Long Gloves, I feel a bit cold around the wrist, so I will put a cold ☆ ...

KAWASAKI corsa Mesh Blouson Flare modello

First of all I refuse, Small student has been wearing so far Yahoo auction shipping included 5,000 yen or less bid and sent from China (Of so-called Pachymon) It is only Mesh jacket.(;-_-ACurrent body...

KAWASAKI KAWASAKI x RS Tailandia Aviator All Seaso...

\ Although I was worried, I wonder if it was a little expensive,Design, texture, function, all are satisfying items.Good cold protection effect. Good comfortable.I bought it and it was good.

KAWASAKI KAWASAKI x RS Tailandia Aviator All Seaso...

We confirmed Size with the same type of thing at RSThailand's retail shop,In a directly managed store it was Just size at XXL.This product was 3L next to XL so I purchased 3L.I think that a little...

KAWASAKI synthèse 13 (Kawasaki verde) Scarpe

We are using it during summer from July to September. Material is also soft cut low cut so easy to wear it is easy to walk.Since Insole can be taken out, it is easy to clean and exchange, so it can be...


Height 170 cm 70 kg. Size chose L, but I feel a bit tight. One size enters the choice, but one size down does not enter the choice. Protector on the back is not so much better than not, so it's mo...


Speaking of Mesh, it is still hot in summer.(It is comfortable thanks to running wind when entering Tunnel. )The shoulder and Elbow's Protector are hard and secure. If Chest Protector is also atta...

KAWASAKI KAWASAKI x Goldwin protezione di sovracca...

Goldwin's LLSize is in my hand, but ordinary Goldwin of this type does not sell much for some reason. So I tried to Kawasaki Brand here. I am familiar with hands. I wish I had more green light par...

KAWASAKI Casco di blocco

although a fairly good price carries out -- honesty -- delicate - -- it is hard to use it anyhow.
It becomes so inevitably regarding the place.
Although the > Style does not need to break down, the ...

KAWASAKI Casco di blocco

although the product attached to the place of a Cowl is often seen -- this -- Kawasaki -- it is pure and attaches to the place of a Tandem step.
There is no fear of damaging a Cowl and it is easy-to-...

KAWASAKI Casco di blocco

It does not become precocious, although Ninja250R was attached simultaneously with purchase and it is honestly user-friendly. A helmet lock is opened and a helmet is hung, and a key must be put also i...

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