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Honda Accessories is the brand of HONDA which offers all products ranging from customization & accessory parts to other parts needed for your motorcycle life. There is no doubt about its high quality products and gears.

HONDA U blocco; ampio Tipo

I'm happy because it fits exactly on Rear carrier of FIMONKEY and there is almost no Wobble!Just as MONKEY, as long as there are two Large people, they are lifted and taken away, so we use Godzill...

HONDA Box Affari

Purchased for Camping with SEROW 225.Since it can not be placed as it is, use it on a Veneer board(The demon eye Nut is attached to the back)On the back of the board, attach a Stopper to surround the ...

HONDA Box Affari

I bought it, I bought it, but when I arrived, I decided to decideMaking etc. is a finish that seems to be an OEM ProductSince it protrudes from Rear Carrier,I purchased LongCarrier laterIf it is LongC...


The installation is firm and split, and it is still convenient to be able to open and close with Main key.The appearance is neither possible nor impossible, and operations such as opening and closing ...

HONDA Elenco delle parti

I want the Parts List to be released on the web like Yamaha.It is useless because overseas is published on the web but PartsNo is not for Japan.Although I purchased it without any help, the price exce...

HONDA Deposito Box

To LITTLE CUB,It is installed in Length direction.I can not attach the pon, I opened holes in 4 placesSince the lid opens sideways, you have to worry about the next doorIf you can not open the lid wit...

HONDA Manuale di servizio

Delivery time is currently unknown (2016. 06), but only service manual arrived earlier than before. CB400(R / X) is 2016. Model change to 3, I worry about how the change difference (Although I thought...

HONDA affari Box: Tipo semplice di blocco

I live in the country and do not have a car, it is inconvenient for shopping, so CUB (JA10) I attached the Rear box to.OEM 's Box that matched the body color first was good, but it seems there was...

HONDA Allarme

I also considered other Alarms, but since REMOTE CONTROLLER feels troublesome, I made it to OEM.There is no manual, only handling Instruction Manual.Since the manual was copied by DREAM,Can be install...

HONDA Allarme

I got cb 400 SB to be attached as Honda OEM.Looking at various reviews, it was Image which was hard to use, but because I also attached the Option's Indicator, even with Self refueling just after ...

HONDA Carrier posteriore

In the installation Instruction Manual removal method,Instruction Manual In the above, removal of Screw 2 places, actually, 4 removalAfter that, I installed it. If it is impossible, it may have been e...

HONDA TANK PADS: Carbon Tipo di stampa

CBR250RR (MC51) I bought a thought as if I was going, but it is a beautiful thing.It is slightly higher than ordinary Tank Pad, but as expected it is a manufacturer product.Honda's Logo is also Go...

HONDA Riscaldatore Sport Grip

I reviewed the installation at the time of purchase at the time of purchase, but as I was told that the initial MODEL was not sufficiently warmed, I got the information that the countermeasure item ca...

HONDA serbatoio carburante Set

It's very good! look at the photo!

HONDA Paraserbatoio

I firmly fit with OEM. Speaking of greed, it is even better if it is up to the Tank side, but in the present situation, another Protector is attached to the Tank side.I think Cost is even better if it...

HONDA Parabrezza alto

I was able to do it without any problem for installation. As expected it is OEM.Shape is also familiar to Silhouette of the entire Motorcycle as it is as Balance of OEM.

HONDA Main Stand

Bought the original honda main stand to replace the imitation main stand. The oem main stand is much more easier to park the bike on rather then the imitation stand that was installed by the shop. Pu...

HONDA anteriore del tubo laterale

Fast delivery. Received item in good condition within 1 week after ordering. Provides protection to the side fairing against drops or crashes. Fits perfectly on the old model 400x. Not sure if item wi...

HONDA frontale carrello

I used it for RigidMONKEY.Spacer is necessary because RigidMONKEY has narrow Headlight installation width.I made it solid and had an Instruction Manual so I did not have any trouble installing it.

HONDA Meter Visor

Nothing to say. Fits perfect. Shipping was ok.
Wind noise is lower than with 3rd party parts like my old Puig windshield.

HONDA Anywhere Luce

It is dramatically useful to illuminate the inside of the storage in a Big scooter under a sheet at night.
The point which can be automatically switched off now is also very convenient.
Since it...

HONDA Peacock Visor

Since the price had stretched considerably even if it looked for the black which is not transparent at all in other visors and was not found easily, this was said exactly, was found and was a thing. A...

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