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Ranked 110 of 1,768 brands  in Ricambi maniglie manopole ed interruttori
(141 recensioni dei clienti)
Molto bene
Sito ufficiale

FANATIC is one of ACTIVEs original brands. It specializes in handlebar parts and has a huge range of beautifully shaped bar ends.

FANATIC Lunghezza corrispondente della barra corri...

It is the Bar End for Yamaha's Normal handleI chose this if Fanatic's character is Small and it is better to have unevenness.For STD type is also limited so it is a good itemA long hexagon is ...

FANATIC Alluminio Bar Fine media Costituzione Piaz...

With the exchange of Handlebar, we also have to change the end part so purchase.The price was cheap and the designer looked for something that I liked and it became it. (Although it is a perfect score...

FANATIC Alluminio Bar End Short Tipo di piatto

Although there are numerous Bar Ends, I still love Fanatic and continue to use it even now.The product precision is very high and I am satisfied, but the high ...

FANATIC Alluminio Bar Fine media Costituzione coni...

I changed it for Aluminum Handlebar, so I changed Bar End.I liked the shape in Simple instead of Extravagant Design that tends to be on Motorcycle parts.The point which is worrisome is not limited to ...

FANATIC Bar End & interno set di pesi

Purchased with Inner Weight and Set. Bar End thought at first a little Large,I installed it, I feel completely uncomfortable, Large I am strange.Previously, with long running, the palm of your hands m...

FANATIC Alluminio Bar Fine Long Tipo di Revolver

Exchange with HondaOEMBar End.So do not use the attached Rubber, because OEMWeight is a cutout Type, so it does not match with this product with a flat bottom.. So we bite Washer close to the diameter...

FANATIC STRADA della maniglia di alluminio ad alta...

It is not very different in shape and size from NORMAL, but the texture has become exceptionally good. Although NORMAL already had rust and paint baldness in the painting of just one, I am satisfied l...

FANATIC Alluminio Bar Fine Long Tipo di Pianura

The Bar End was damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake.Previously using Red of the same product,Together with Lever this time I made it chic Gun meta.OEM I think that it was able to be customized Custom.B...

FANATIC Maniglia in acciaio ROAD

I used Aluminum Handlebar of other Manufacturer but changed the feeling transmitted from Handlebar to this Steel handle because it was harder to understand than OEMSteam.Low type and less Black.Steel ...

FANATIC Peso interno

Made by HURRICANE's Separate Handle used for SRX.I purchased and installed this product as its Inner Weight,The effect is insignificant .......After all the single vibrations can not be accommodat...

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