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Torx Socket (Strong Type)/9.5mm TONE
postato Jan 17, 2018

TONE Torx Socket

Di Anonymous (10)Da parte diVietnam

Tone torx socket is very useful to open the torx nut. Especially do not scratch the screw head and not be worn when opening the type of snail

postato Jan 13, 2018

very good.

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

Because the Motorcycle is Point Ignition, it is possible to do daily Battery checks, as well as having a Waterproof functionI decided to make it by DAYTONA. Because the price is Reasonable, it is also nice for Wallet.

Oil Disposal BOX 4.5L Nitrile Gloves Set Webike Garage
postato Jan 10, 2018


Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

I regret sorry for having occasional out of stock. In addition, Nitrile glove attachment is attractive. In this way, I would like to have a disposable funnel for Oil refueling.

SCOTT Shop Towel (Paper Waste) GUTSCHROME
postato Jan 10, 2018

Good product as Paper waste

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

There are also cheaper than this, but there is also no difference in price, it is outstanding suction and ease of use. I can use it quickly and it is useful. I think that it is indispensable Items especially when exchanging Oil.

Wire Injector Webike Garage
postato Jan 10, 2018

It does it's job

Di Anonymous (1)Da parte diSingapore

*can't compare it to the motion pro ones as I never tried using theirs. but I'm sure it's very similar from the looks of the design.
Anyways, the device seems to fit nicely onto the clutch cable I tried it on. Doesn't have a super tight seal but it does its job getting most of the lube in. Overall, it works well. Great bang for the buck.

P6010 Shock Punch Unit
postato Jan 9, 2018

Tool that was not likely

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

Because it is shaped like a barb at the tip, there is some degree of freedom in the angle of hitting.In the past, I had used the crushed tip of Slotted screwdriver,By the way, this one is easier to adjust.The use feeling is necessary and sufficient if you think about the price, but if you say it, the longer the longer the longerI think that it was ...

Carburetor Float Level Gauge MINIMOTO
postato Jan 9, 2018

Not available

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

There is too much play in making products, which is inconvenient. There is an error of 1 mm from 0 to 40 mm in display of measurement, and it is impossible to accurately measure the oil level.

Racing Seat Sponge YK Shouji
Si adatta: YAMAHA TZ125
  • YAMAHA TZ125
postato Jan 8, 2018

Can be Recommendation

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

Used for Racer of GSX-R1000. Although I was using other company's 10 mm ThickType, I wanted to raise the seat a little more with severe deterioration due to use, but in this shape 20 mm type was not found elsewhere, so purchase this item.I am satisfied as expected.

Front Sprocket Part Oil Seal CF POSH
Si adatta: HONDA XR50 MOTARD
  • ...e più.
postato Jan 8, 2018

Steady and cheap!

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

I use it for CUB 50 and CRF 50, but it has been used for three years without leak.It is recommended because it is easy to purchase unlike ordering OEM.

9.5sq. Ratchet Handlebar KTC
postato Jan 7, 2018

Large Easy to use

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

Familiar with Size being appropriate. It is reliable use feeling. It's safe because Socket will not fall. I am loading in Box in Motorcycle.

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