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Standard Plug BPR7HS 6422 NGK
Si adatta: YAMAHA JOG POCHE (CY50H / HS) (92. 6-96. 6) 3KJ5 · 7 · 9 / 3 KJA required number : One
  • YAMAHA JOG POCHE (CY50H / HS) (92. 6-96. 6) 3KJ5 · 7 · 9 / 3 KJA required number : One
  • PGO JOG TRUNK (YG50D) (91. 3-) 3YJ2 required number : One
  • SUZUKI JOG APRIO Type II (YJ50S) (95. 4-) 4LV2 · 3 · 4 Required number : One
  • HONDA BWS100 (BW100) (99-) Required number : One
  • ...e più.
postato Nov 29, 2017

NGK Standard Plug BPR7HS 6422

Di Roma (2)Da parte diUkraine

Заказывал вместе с ремнем ради интереса , что бы сравнить с тем , что продают у нас . Все один в один и штрих коды и упаковка.
Ordered with a belt for the sake of interest, what would be compared to what they sell from us. All one-to-one and barcode codes and packaging.
(Translated by Google translation)

Standard Plug CR7HSA-9 5147 NGK
Si adatta: HONDA BENLY50 / BENLY50PRO (11. 8-15. 7) AA03 required number : One
  • HONDA BENLY50 / BENLY50PRO (11. 8-15. 7) AA03 required number : One
  • TODAY (No. 1369926-) (04. 2-) AF61 / 67 Required number : One
  • DIO CHESTA (Produced in China) (04. 7-) AF62 / 68 required number : One
  • DIO (Produced in China) (No. 3128592-) (03. 10-) AF62 / 68 required number : One
  • ...e più.
postato Nov 26, 2017

To Honda Today AF61

Di Japan User(translated) (154251)Da parte diJapan

The engine of the Honda Today AF61 used by children is out of order, acceleration is bad, and there was vibration as speed increased. When Engine is in bad condition, it is often said that Plug replacement is first, so I replaced it with this plug which was also available for AF61. Oil It was simultaneous with the exchange, but startability, stabil...

Hyper Ignition Coil (for Injection Vehicle) SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA)
Si adatta: HONDA MONKEY (FI) (AB27-1900001-)
  • HONDA MONKEY (FI) (AB27-1900001-)
  • SUPER CUB 50 (FI) (AA01-1700001-)
  • SUPER CUB 50 (FI) (AA04-1000001-)
  • LITTLE CUB (FI) (AA01-4000001-)
  • ...e più.
postato Nov 25, 2017


Di JimKulasek (6)Da parte diThailand

วัสดุทำได้ดี ดูแตกต่างจากของติดรถ แต่สีไม่มีให้เลือก ทำให้ดูแปลกและเด่นผิดปรกติ
The material is good to look different from the car. But color is not available. Make it look strange and outdated....

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