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Radiatori / Radiatori ad Olio

RR Dip Stick Oil Temperature Gauge DAYTONA
Si adatta: YAMAHA SR500SP 1983 【Frame No. 】 2J2-190101 or later
  • YAMAHA SR500SP 1983 【Frame No. 】 2J2-190101 or later
  • YAMAHA SR500SP 1979 【Frame No. 】 2J2-183101 or later
  • YAMAHA SR500S 1992 【Frame No. 】 1 JN-226101 to 227000
  • YAMAHA SR500C 1985 【Frame No. 】 1JN-216101 or later
  • ...e più.
postato Apr 17, 2018

DAYTONA RR Dip Stick Oil Temperature Gau...

Di James Tam (4)Da parte diHong Kong

這個RR Dip Stick Oil Temperature Gauge,我用了半年後,SR400用後報告,的確令我在檢查機油中知道引擎的機油溫度,是否正常,油溫錶,是必須的。
材料質量是超級高的配件,可靠性相當高,設計相當滿意,顏色多選擇,有四色,紅色,黃色,白色,黑色,我選擇了黑色,This RR Dip Stick Oil Temperature Gauge, after I used half year, the SR400 make me be checking to know the engine oil temperature of engine in the engine oil, whether is normal, oil temperature watch, is m...

Radiator Core Protector YOSHIMURA
Si adatta: HONDA CB400SUPER BOLDOR 05-07
  • HONDA CB400SUPER BOLDOR 08-15 Revo
postato Apr 16, 2018

look's like very good.

Di wani baramdor (8)Da parte diSouth Korea

It was bought and equipped on recommendation. It looks very nice and safe. It is also easy to fit. It took about 15 minutes. It makes me feel pretty good to see Yoshimura.
However, you should check it because it is different from the SB and sf.

Temperature Gauge with Dip Stick Oil DAYTONA
Si adatta: HONDA MONKEY 1971 【Frame No. 】 From Z50A-2000002 to 2010525
  • HONDA MONKEY 1971 【Frame No. 】 From Z50A-2000002 to 2010525
  • HONDA MONKEY 2014 【Frame No. 】 AB27-2200001 or later
  • HONDA MONKEY 1974 【Frame No. 】 Z50J-1000001 to 1028999
  • HONDA GORILLA(GORILLA) 1981 【Frame No. 】 Z 50 J-1412284 to 1428813
  • ...e più.
postato Apr 14, 2018

Good for checking oil temperature of air...

Di Japan User(translated) (157255)Da parte diJapan

Purchased for Replacement of Takatsu's Oil Temperature Gauge that I used before. (#93339)(Slightly more Screw cutting than Takatsu made). ) Misappropriate by thinly scratching with Pipe cutter at the same position as OilLevel of Dip stick of TLR 250.

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