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Exclusive Sprocket GALE SPEED
postato Jun 26, 2017

Gale speed sprocket

Di Le Thanh Nghia (2)Da parte diUnited States

Finish is perfect. I really like the color of the sprocket, completely different with other US or European sprockets. This one feels a little bit heavier than the aluminum one i used to use with my bike but it is acceptable with a steel sprocket

Temperature Gauge with Dip Stick Oil DAYTONA
Si adatta: HONDA Monkey [Z50J] 1993 【Frame No. 】 Z50J - 2100001 to 2114151
  • HONDA Monkey [Z50J] 1993 【Frame No. 】 Z50J - 2100001 to 2114151
  • Monkey [Z50J] 1974 【Frame No. 】 Z50J-1000001 to 1028999
  • Monkey [Z50J] 1988 【Frame No. 】 Z50J - 1627608 or later
  • Monkey [Z50J] 1990 【Frame No. 】 Z50J-1636201 or later
  • ...e più.
postato Jun 24, 2017

Oil Thermo

Di King (5)Da parte diThailand

บรรจุสินค้า มาอย่างเรียบร้อยและดูปลอดภัย
สภาพสินค้า สวยงามมาก ...

Weight Roller ALBA
Si adatta: SUZUKI LETS4 [Let's]
  • SUZUKI LETS4 [Let's]
  • LETS5 [Let's] (CA1PB-100001-)
  • ZZ (CA1KA-308837-)
  • LETS2 [Let's] G
  • ...e più.
postato Jun 23, 2017


Di Irina (12)Da parte diRussia

I bought these rollers are of excellent quality.to replace the old original instead of the twenty Gramovich the old worn-out..remove the acceleration is faster and smoother compared to the worn out like a rag.I recommend, as shown by this Japanese quality speaks for itself.the thing *I Bought this at 14.5 g. of excellent quality.instead of the old ...

Front Fender Adapter KITACO
Si adatta: HONDA MONKEY Z50J-1000001-/AB27-1000001-1899999
  • HONDA MONKEY Z50J-1000001-/AB27-1000001-1899999
  • GORILLA FI car AB27-1900001-
postato Jun 23, 2017

Kitaco adapter

Di Peter Suele (1)Da parte diHungary

Very nice product. Great looking.
They fit perfectly My Z50 J Honda Monkey.
Just recommend this item everyone Monkeybike owners....

Driven Sprocket (Rear) KITACO
Si adatta: KAWASAKI Z125 PRO (BR 125 H all models) KSR110 (All models of KL 110 A) KLX110 (LX 110 A all models)
  • KAWASAKI Z125 PRO (BR 125 H all models) KSR110 (All models of KL 110 A) KLX110 (LX 110 A all models)
postato Jun 21, 2017

Kitaco z125 rear 27 tooth sprocket from ...

Di Adam T Haynes (1)Da parte diUnited States

This is my first time using webike as a resource for my kawasaki z125 motorcycle parts, I was having trouble finding good quality parts anywhere for the z125 here in the united states of america, I am happy to say that I found the webike website the site is very well laid out and easy to navigate they have more bike parts then i could hope to find ...

EK Joint 530ZVX3 EK Chain
Si adatta: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
postato Jun 20, 2017

Удобно,но не всё гладко)

Di Plyusnin Alexandr (1)Da parte diRussia

Поставил звено. Но пины обломились раньше чем положено в процессе закручивания гаек(тянул по переменно ,проворачивая на 60 градусов). То есть основная(серебряная) часть пинов так и не вышла за скобу. В итоге ширина собранного звена несколько шире соседних звеньев. Так что оценку ставить пока рано. Эксплуатация покажет что и как.
Put the link. Bu...

TAPERED CORN Slip-on Silencer Exhaust System GOODS
Si adatta: YAMAHA SR400
  • YAMAHA SR400
  • SR500
postato Jun 19, 2017

Perfect sound

Di NO NAME (1)Da parte diRussia

Stock relapsed on this silencer. I was surprised from this sound.
No any problem on high rpm. loud bass on idle run. Alive sound much better then on video. Faust delivery. But band was metal colored, better to fix on the same black.

Speedometer (Mechanical) KIJIMA
Si adatta: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
postato Jun 18, 2017

To be sorry

Di Japan User(translated) (148055)Da parte diJapan

I installed it on the Custom tw 200. The distance meter came mad quickly. As you use it, the speedometer has become somewhat fuzzy at high speeds.

Fender Eliminator Kit PENSKE
Si adatta: KAWASAKI Z250 (2013-)
  • KAWASAKI Z250 (2013-)
  • NINJA250R 13-14 ABS
postato Jun 17, 2017

Material, texture is good

Di Japan User(translated) (148055)Da parte diJapan

Although it is still before installation, since I think that everyone comments after installation, what I felt looking at the actual thing.Material, texture without complaint.Reflector arrives above, not under Number Design is good.

Compact LCD Fuel Meter SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA)
Si adatta: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
postato Jun 17, 2017

I am satisfied..

Di Japan User(translated) (148055)Da parte diJapan

Since the OEM's Fuel meter has broken, I installed it instead. I am satisfied with accuracy well.. Because it is not Completely Waterproof, we are installing it in places where it will not rain as much as possible.

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