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X-14 BRADLEY3 [TC-1 Red/Black] Helmet SHOEI
postato Oct 18, 2017

Very fast and easy

Di Anonymous (2)Da parte diSouth Korea

나는 보통 아라이 헬멧을 사용합니다
하지만 이번기회에 쇼에이 x14브레들리를 구매하였습니다
구매한지 5일만에 배송완료하였고...

VAS-V Tear off shield Arai
Si adatta: Others ASTRAL-X ARAI
  • Others ASTRAL-X ARAI
  • RX-7X
  • MODEL for VAS-V shielded post
postato Oct 18, 2017

Tear off film

Di Anonymous (2)Da parte diMalaysia

Good quality and best product ever.i use others before,feel will be fly away,but this will stick with the visor all the time

VAS-V MV Shield Arai
Si adatta: Others VECTOR-X ARAI
  • Others VECTOR-X ARAI
  • RX-7X
postato Oct 18, 2017

Vas v visor

Di Anonymous (2)Da parte diMalaysia

I use original visor for 5months old,alfer i change to this amoke visor,feel more comfortable and what i feel this visor quality better then the original clear visor.
Night view not bad,al least can see at nigjt time even in a less light situation.

HR-INNOVATION [Glass Black] Helmet Arai
postato Oct 13, 2017

ARAI on running water

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

I bought ARAIHelmet for the first time but it is too good for ARSI to driftIt is good that it is easy to operate and Duct is also best with dark color and Lame entrance as well.

Bubble Shield with Convenient Base ALFA RAYS
Si adatta: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
postato Oct 10, 2017

I think it is normal.

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

I bought it using Point.Color and shape are not cheap as well, but I feel like Small overall.There was something that did not match what I fits with my Helmet.I think that some curvature is Bubble and can not be helped.

NOLAN X-802RR Stoner Suzuka NOLAN
postato Oct 10, 2017

The feeling of being wrapped is wonderfu...

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

NOLAN X-802RR (CompositeFiber) Stoner Suzuka ReplicaPurchase Size : L (59-60cm)Traditionally Size : L (ARAI RX-7RR5)History of purchaseUntil now it was RX - 7 RR 5 but it is EggShapeForme and it is WineGlassBecause it has a shape like an overturned part, it is a chin String when you wear itNo matter how much you spread it and you put your head, the...

J-Cruise REBORN [TC-1 Red/Black] Helmet SHOEI
postato Oct 9, 2017

Good item.

Di Anonymous (1)Da parte diUnited States

Have a j cruise from 2013 . Very comfatable. Bought the 2nd one. Reborn.love it. Shoei helmet is one of the best. The design is very nice

CF-1W Pin Lock Seat OGK
Si adatta: Others KAMUI-II OGK
  • Others KAMUI-II OGK
postato Oct 9, 2017

It's getting bigger!

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

It's getting bigger at 2.Especially it did not matter, but after all it's amazing.Installation is ... ,,I am worried that I do not know what the whole circumference is tightly adhering to.I would like to explain what to check. - - - So eccentric Pin tooNot adjusted. Well, even if there is a slight clearance, the anti-fog effect will be affe...

RAPIDE-IR BOLD-PS [Red] Helmet Arai
postato Oct 8, 2017

The utility is the best if even Design i...

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

Motard bike for daily use by commutingI am on board..I used the Tour cross 3 but I will not do the off-road, so I reviewed the change from Off-Road Helmet to On road Hellmet by Visor being overwhelmed and taking action on Saturdays.Compared with AstroIQ and rx 7x, the mouth Ventilation and comfortable feeling. It became it with PROShadeSystem avail...

Helmet Lock KIJIMA
Si adatta: HONDA CRF 1000 L Africa Twin (2016y)
  • HONDA CRF 1000 L Africa Twin (2016y)
postato Oct 7, 2017

Easy to install secure

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

Africa Twin 's Helmet holder has to remove Seat with Wire. I purchased it because I can not use such a thing.I installed it after removing the Tandem Footpeg because the installation place is narrow.Locking will make installation Screw hidden so that it can not be removed so worry of theft will be less.Helmet breaks off Motorcycle as it unplugs...

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