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RADIC NX2 [Black/White/Red] Helmet OGK
postato Nov 13, 2017

Comfortable and Stylish

Di Anonymous (3)Da parte diNew Zealand

The Radich NX open face helmet is well made and comfortable to wear. Webike and OGK website both state the helmet is JIS certified, but the only sticker I can find is the PCS/GS logo.

Helmet Lock KIJIMA
Si adatta: HONDA CB400SF 14-
  • HONDA CB400SF 14-
  • CB400SB
postato Nov 11, 2017

It's classic.

Di Japan User(translated) (153614)Da parte diJapan

It is before car deliveries ... Because it is a standard, it is five stars. The body is 400 BOLDOR. Although it is attached to the new model, since the purchase car is the final form last, it is not attached (Lol) It's expensive so please put on! (Crying)It is enough to need products.

Si adatta: Others GT-Air WANDERER SHOEI
  • GT-Air
  • ...e più.
postato Nov 10, 2017

great replacement parts

Di Anonymous (34)Da parte diMalaysia

made in japan , good fitment .good quality
Will buy extra windshield as spare. thanks to shoi japan. but the pinlock need to be improve.

Portable Helmet Cover ROUGH&ROAD
postato Nov 8, 2017

It's pretty solid Cover

Di Japan User(translated) (153614)Da parte diJapan

Because of us rainy guy I often get rained at the touring destination so purchase.As a Helmet Bag it is a pretty solid making and Material.In addition to measures against rain, it may be good for prevention of Prank.Because I can expose the D wheel part to the outside from the hole where waterproofing was done, I think that Large is durable even if...

J/O HAWKER [TC-5 Black/Silver] Helmet SHOEI
postato Nov 8, 2017

very good helmet

Di Anonymous (1)Da parte diChina

very comfortable helmet,and very nice, I wear it like riding my like150abs, and my motorcycle very much,the helmet paint the surface texture is very good,metallic paint composition, so the helmet looks very shiny, embedded shield Very practical, cold weather can pull down, and is 4 level adjustable, padding with a very good package, very comfortabl...

Super Adsis I Pro Shade System Arai
Si adatta: Others SUPER ADSISS I shield compatible MODEL ARAI
  • Others SUPER ADSISS I shield compatible MODEL ARAI
  • RX-7RR5
  • ...e più.
postato Nov 5, 2017

Expensive! and somewhat flimsy

Di Anonymous (3)Da parte diUnited States

Pretty expensive, but performs as advertised. Find that the brow vents flow well but are a little flimsy, they dont seem to stay locked open, or locked sharp.
The shade mechanism also performs well but doesnt feel very reassuring when put in the up position, i find myself constantly checking if both sides are locked.
Get it if you're often ri...

CJ-2 PINLOCK (R) Mirror Shield SHOEI
Si adatta: Others J-Cruise CLEAVE SHOEI
  • Others J-Cruise CLEAVE SHOEI
  • J-Cruise CORSO
  • J-Cruise PASSE
  • J-Cruise STOLD
  • ...e più.
postato Nov 2, 2017


Di Anonymous (2)Da parte diMalaysia

Match with my J-Cruise Reborn TC-10 (Limited).
Next time will promote my friend to buy this visor too.
The ATA about 20 days using normal parcel service.

Universal Helmet Holder PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative)
Si adatta: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
postato Nov 2, 2017

It is functioning as Combination Nifrek

Di Japan User(translated) (153614)Da parte diJapan

PCX does not have Combination Nifrek. Seat is also narrow. I use it for Combination Nifrek for a bit of shopping. I installed it in HandlebarCenter, but it was mounted only diagonally. But as Combination Nifrek I am satisfied because it works properly.

postato Nov 2, 2017

High quality with good material

Di Anonymous (1)Da parte diThailand

Order a L size Bonanza. Love the texture of the flat black colour. Cheek pad is very soft and gives a comfortable feeling while wearing it. Although my head is a bit bigger than the helmet. When wearing it, it doesn't seems like the helmet is actually fit on top of my head, but it's still manageable.
Fast delivery and the package comes with perfe...

Inner Pad [Repair/Optional Parts] OGK
Si adatta: Others BOB-K OGK
  • Others BOB-K OGK
postato Nov 2, 2017

Good! got it!

Di Anonymous (1)Da parte diSouth Korea

fited in ma OGK BOB-B
not perfact but that's ok
Thanks :)...

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