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Si adatta: Others RYD SHOEI
  • Others RYD SHOEI
  • Others Z-7 SHOEI
  • Others Z-7 VESSEL SHOEI
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postato Jan 19, 2018


Di Anonymous (1)Da parte diSouth Korea

As I expected, this shield is so awesome. My helmet looks more cool.
And the price is very satisfying. In Korea, Shoei's helmets and shields have been so expensive that I hesitated to buy one of them.
But I found it, in Webike, bought it, and got it....

Si adatta: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
postato Jan 18, 2018

Solid helmet lock

Di Anonymous (8)Da parte diThailand

On w800, there is already a helmet lock for 1 rider. So I needed this for my pillion. I had a chinese unbranded one but the hook doesn't spring out and the key can't be removed when unlocked too. This one from Hurricane has a spring mechanism, the key is removable anytime and the chrome goes with the bike. I tried hooking the helmet and it is solid...

J-Cruise REBORN [TC-1 Red/Black] Helmet SHOEI
postato Jan 18, 2018

Shoei J-Cruise reborn TC-1

Di Anonymous (1)Da parte diMalaysia

I’m buyer from Malaysian. Thanks webike. My helmet safely arrived today. Directly from Japan. Im loving it. Also cheaper. Next time I will buy again. Fast service. Thumbs up

Super Adsis I Pro Shade System Arai
Si adatta: Others SUPER ADSISS I shield compatible MODEL ARAI
  • Others SUPER ADSISS I shield compatible MODEL ARAI
  • Others RX-7RR5 ARAI
  • ...e più.
postato Jan 17, 2018

rapide 헬멧과 같이 구입했습니다. 좋습니다

Di Anonymous (6)Da parte diSouth Korea

라피드 헬멧과 같이 구입해서 바로 착용 했습니다.
대략 한달정도 사용했는데
매우 만족스럽습니다....

[Closeout Item] RAPIDE-IR BOLD-PS Metal Silver Helmet [Special Price Item] Arai
postato Jan 17, 2018

나의 첫 아라이. 마음에 들어요.

Di Anonymous (6)Da parte diSouth Korea

첫 아라이 인데..마음에 쏙 듭니다..쉴드도 같이 사서 바로 갈아 끼웠습니다.
색상도 실버라 어떤옷에나 무난하고
출퇴근이 주이기 때문에...

X-14 ASSAIL [TC-5 Black/Silver] Helmet SHOEI
postato Jan 13, 2018

State-of-the-art MODEL feels like SHOEI&...

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

Astonished at making too much Z-7 and swapped quickly Quantity : 2pc. Set eyes SHOEI. I feel that the current SHOEI embodies the Helmet philosophy as much as possible.<Overall rating>Attention to aerodynamics which makes Shield another finish with Z-7. Feeling the feeling of making a new HelmetDesign Line, Coloring. Although making it heavy, ...

Si adatta: Others ZRV series SHOEI
  • Others ZRV series SHOEI
  • Others Z-CRUZ series SHOEI
  • Others Z-III series SHOEI
  • Others Z-CRUZ II series SHOEI
  • ...e più.
postato Jan 13, 2018

Excellent anti-fogging effect

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

I use it on commuting at SHOEI X-ElevenSeries.In conclusion, one solution to the anti-fog measure was solved by this.I should have earlier acquired without earring it.It is now nostalgic when I was painting spreading a drop of kitchen detergent on the back of Shield.Upright Position makes visibility good as well. There is certainly a sense of incom...

Foggy Mask RESPRO
postato Jan 13, 2018

Would you like to be the savior of eyewe...

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

It attached to SHOEI GT-Air EXPANSE M Size.I expected to see the review of the other people, but as expected the glasses are not cloudy.I regret that I wish I knew it sooner.Installation is made by Cheek Pad and Chin cover with Velcro (Surface Fastener - Magic tape) and I think that anyone can do it.The Instruction Manual is translated just by bein...

NEOTEC [Black] Helmet SHOEI
postato Jan 12, 2018

If your face is big enough you can try f...

Di Japan User(translated) (155388)Da parte diJapan

Since the size of the handheld SHOEIHelmet was 61 cm,NEOTEC also purchased 61 cm.Size of the head was OKBecause the chinstrap is shortIt is a little cramped when the face is Large.In addition, Helmet is also a bit heavyLong distance driving may get tired.If you can try it onRecommendation for purchase.

GT-Air [Matte Black] Helmet SHOEI
postato Jan 11, 2018

It is very good.

Di Anonymous (1)Da parte diSouth Korea

My Head size is 58.5cm.
It is very comportable and light weight for me. and sunvisor is really really awesome.
but It looks like a little bit bigger than other helmet....

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