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GT-Air Helmet SHOEI
postato Jul 23, 2017

Top quality helmet excellent design lowe...

Di Anonymous (1)Da parte diUnited States

Ordered on the 19th and it showed up on the 21st. I bought this same helmet for a family member that just got into riding, I liked the design and fit so much I purchased a second one for myself. Huge savings with the Shoei sale Webike has going on right now. I could not be happier. Thank you Webike

postato Jul 22, 2017

It pierces a place I hate

Di Japan User(translated) (149561)Da parte diJapan

Recently it is also penetrating in Japan A Lupus Loader system, the classic MOTARD system Motorcycle, people walking down the forest road Off - car ride (STRIKE 750 I - - ) Is an Exactly Helmet.If you leave the Visor it will be a Road type with sharp and eggy, and I think that it is Concept & Design that poked a good place.Personally, Coloring ...

postato Jul 21, 2017


Di Anonymous (1)Da parte diSouth Korea

한국구매자 글 남겨요(포인트를 위한건 안비밀~)
전에 홍진싸구려 헬멧을 쓰고다녀서 그런지 신세계네요~...

RT-33 ACTIVE STAR Green Helmet OGK
postato Jul 21, 2017

I care about the draft

Di Japan User(translated) (149561)Da parte diJapan

Meter reading About 70km and considerable wind comes in from the gap of Shield and the eyes dry quickly. Since acquaintances who purchased the same thing also complain of similar symptoms, it is appreciated if they can improve ... Individual differences

postato Jul 20, 2017

FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer darker than...

Di Japan User(translated) (149561)Da parte diJapan

【What made you decide the purchase?】I bought it for SS1100 made by the company that I use in sub.Whichever Motorcycle only has to ride during the day, so any Shield was good as long as you could prevent direct sunlight and your face could be hidden, but the merchandise photos of Gold and Silver Mirror shields are slightly overlooked I felt like I w...

Helmet Lock KIJIMA
Si adatta: KAWASAKI Z125/PRO(2016y)
  • KAWASAKI Z125/PRO(2016y)
postato Jul 20, 2017

Great lock

Di Anonymous (4)Da parte diMacau

The shipping is on time to the date it estimated. This lock is easy to install and very useful for daily use.I installed it successfully within 5mins.

postato Jul 19, 2017

a really great helmet that i don't even ...

Di Anonymous (4)Da parte diUnited States

i've been hearing this helmet is one of the most great helmet in this perfect funny biking world. we should all buy it regardless the size fits or not.

J-Cruise Helmet SHOEI
postato Jul 19, 2017

InnerSun visor is the key player

Di Japan User(translated) (149561)Da parte diJapan

I was at a loss for J-Force 4 but Inner Visor was the key factor and choosing here.- Inner Visor is effective not only for the sun, but also for the sunshine during the day. It also protects our eyes well from RearWindow's reflection of the car in front. It will be particularly useful in summer.It is Merit of the largest Large that you can save...

YJ-17 ZENITH Graphic Helmet YAMAHA
postato Jul 18, 2017

The third YJ-17

Di Japan User(translated) (149561)Da parte diJapan

1pc. Eyes Wine red (M) , Quantity : 2pc. Set eye Pearl white (M) , And the third Graphic (M) It will be.I also write in Impression with Pearl white's YJ-17, but Silhouette with Inner Visor is also good and the price is a conscientious Helmet.Wallet does not hurt so much even if you replace it for several years because the price is cheap (^^)As ...

Square Shield EASYRIDERS
postato Jul 17, 2017

ชิวหน้าeasy riders

Di Anonymous (6)Da parte diThailand

ชิวหน้า easy riders เป็นชิวหน้าสำหรับหมวกกันน้อคเปิดคาง ตัวชิวสีดำช่วยป้องกันแสงแดดได้ดีในเวลกลางวัน ตัวชิวมีสายล้อคชิวเพื่อป้องกันเวลาขับแล้วเจอลมแรงพัดชิวเปิดซึ่งเป็นอันตรายมากสำหรับผู้ขับขี่
The easy rider chisel is a chiffon hat for chin. Black cheeks help protect the sunlight well in the daytime. Chew has a crossover line to protect the dri...

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