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Footpeg Stand (Little Cliff Type) J Trip
Si adatta: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
postato Oct 13, 2017

High quality and easy to use

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

I use it with Race Specification car of NSR 50.After changing to outside Rear Sets, I wanted a STAND of choice type and purchased it.As height adjustment can be made finely, fixed can also be done securely so you can use it with confidence.Also, it is convenient to be able to hang on footpeg when moving Motorcycle.It is somewhat expensive than othe...

Easy Lock BF18 GIVI
Si adatta: SUZUKI V-STROM1000 ABS (Buystrom)14 [VU 51 A - 100001 and after]
  • SUZUKI V-STROM1000 ABS (Buystrom)14 [VU 51 A - 100001 and after]
postato Oct 13, 2017

It's very nice..

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

Purchased with Tank Bag XS 308. I use it with V-Strom 1000 ABS.Easy to install, remove 3 bottles of Tank inlet and just tighten together with Easy Lock.The junction with TanClock is like a trumpet, and it fits in and it gets attached to Bag.The Tank Bag comes with the Easy Lock base of the Universal Product, but since it is a special item for the b...

Tank Lock [XS308] GIVI
postato Oct 12, 2017

It fits this Motorcycle.

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

Purchased for use with V-Strom 1000 ABS. Until then, I forced a Tank Bag of Magnet type, but after all I had a longing for TanClock and I punched it.TanClock is lovely. It seems like a lie that I was frustrated when refueling so far. You can easily remove it.I got lost as thing of SW モ TEC, but both Pannier and Top case were GIVI, so we decided thi...

postato Oct 11, 2017

It is troublesome if you use it by yours...

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

The code seems to get involved at all times, but if you change the dry battery you can use it immediately and there is no worry of running out of charge.It is simple, but you can call, you can also do music. Since there is a code, I think that it is how it is used?.

Si adatta: HONDA CB650F EBL-RC83
  • CBR650F EBL-RC83
postato Oct 10, 2017

very good

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

I think that it is a very easy-to-use product. I also had a solid sense of making and was just right for a two night stay in the capacity as expected. The point to worry is that it is hard to store as the Rubber's protrusions in the Box are many Helmet with Income. Also, although the One key system at the time of Box installation is convenient,...

One Key Inner Lock Body HONDA
Si adatta: HONDA CTX1300
  • HONDA CTX1300
postato Oct 10, 2017

I think that it is a built-in price

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

Tweezers are essential for every part, each shoulder stiff with my presbyopia. It took more time to assemble more than I thought with complicated construction.

Garage Stand Rear Sasaki sports club
Si adatta: BMW R1200GS Adventure (Air cooling)
  • BMW R1200GS Adventure (Air cooling)
  • R1200GS (Transverse engine)
  • R1200R
  • ...e più.
postato Oct 10, 2017

Quality matches the price

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

HP2 SPORT 190 / When it is 55 Tire, when I remove STAND it is not easy to escape straight, so I was at first confused.By slanting slightly when pulling out, you can exit without problems.I think that it is better if ShaftEnd peace does not rub within Axle when the genus is rubbed a bit more than Shaft.

LK-114 Reminder Disc Lock KOMINE
postato Oct 10, 2017

It's reliability as I expected.

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

Before use, I think that COSPA is good.However, it is unknown what to use the attached bag.Disk Lock is not entered, and if it is a key holder it will be Large rinse.I'd like to make it a bag with Disk Lock if possible.

Maintenance Roller Stand Webike Garage
postato Oct 9, 2017

Let's buy Maintenace Stand after all

Di Japan User(translated) (152519)Da parte diJapan

I bought it because it was cheap.I devised and used it in various ways, but as a conclusion it is better to buy Maintenace Stand.Quality seems to be good, but it was regrettable and unfortunate.

Top Box 45L: One Key System Type HONDA
Si adatta: HONDA VFR800F EBL-RC79
  • X-ADV 2BL-RC95
postato Oct 9, 2017


Di NO NAME (2)Da parte diThailand

Sorry I made a mistake. It's very simple and we don't need a mounting attachement. To avoid this mistake, Honda could provide some explanations when you buy it.

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