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Since scooters has an advantage in equipped extra storage, comfortability in long run and in fuel economy, thousands run all around the world. Scooter took advantage of its ability in small country here in Japan, we have many to share to the world. Scooter from 50cc to 250cc and even with 800cc scooters are in the market. Ruckus and TMAX are one of the most popular models in Webike Japan.

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    Si adatta:
    • SUZUKI ADDRESSV100 [address] (CE 11A all models)
    • SUZUKI VECSTAR150 (FNO.CG42A-100001-)
    • SUZUKI STREET MAGIC110 /II (TR110S/SD) (FNO.CF12A-100001-)
    • SUZUKI ADDRESS110 (FNO.CF11A-100001-112013)
    • SUZUKI ADDRESSV100 [address] / S (CE13A all models)
    Di SNRS (1)Da parte diRussia
    I received my order in 1 month from the date of order. The order is very neat and qualitatively packed. The spring is of excellent Japanese quality, a thin layer of lubricant is applied on the surface...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • HONDA Gyro canopy TA02-110XXX or later
    postato Feb 16, 2018This is essential
    On the roof of NORMAL, the shoulder gets wet not only while driving but also when the signal is waiting and it is raining.If you install this, the rain rain can ride without Rain jacket.Installation i...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • HONDA Giorno (AF70-1000001-) (rear)
    • HONDA ZOOMER (FI) (AF58-1700001-) (front)
    • HONDA DUNK (rear)
    • HONDA DIO CESTA (AF68-3200001-) (rear)
    • HONDA DIO (AF68-1300001-) (rear)
    • ...e più.
    postato Feb 15, 2018Feels high quality and solid
    Di NO NAME (10)Da parte diThailand
    It is very beautiful addition to your drum brake. Easy to adjust and quick to install. Not sure how durable it will be. But it is very cheap so no complaint.Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • SUZUKI Street Magic (TR50) (CA1LA All models) Street Magic / II(TR50S / SD) (CA 1 LB all models) Verde (CA1MA all models) Let's / II / -G / -L / - Combination brake (CA1KA / CA1PA all models)
    • Let's II-S (CA1KB / CA1PC all models) ZZ (CA1PB All models) Address 110 (CF11A all models)
    • Street Magic 110 / II (CF12A all models)
    • YAMAHA jog / Axis / Bino series (50 - 90cc) (3KJ / 3RY / 3YJ / 3YK / 4JP / 4LV / 3VP / 3WF / 3VR / 5 AU) Grand Axis 100 (5FA all models) Bewis 100 (4 VP all models) DT50(17W / 3 LM all models) RZ 50 (5 R 6 / 1 HK All models) TDR 50 (All models) RX50 YSR50 / 80
    postato Feb 15, 2018Address 110
    Di Skumin Roman (6)Da parte diUkraine
    Всё пришло в отличном состоянии, упаковка целая, не смотря на долгую дорогу, лепестки хорошего качества не требуется ни каких доработок, прилегание к домику отличное, предварительно домик прошел ножда...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • SUZUKI STREETMAGIC [Street Magic] 110 : 2 98 (Model : CF12A Frame No : CF12A-100001-) for rear
    • SUZUKI LETS4 [Let's] : G : Palette 05-07 (Model : CA 41 A Frame No : CA 41 A - 100001 -) for rear
    • SUZUKI LETS4 [Let's] Basket 07 - (Model : CA 43 A Frame No : CA43A-100050-) for rear
    • SUZUKI LETS4 [Let's] : G : - Palette 08 - (Model : CA 45 A Frame No : CA 45 A - 100001 -) for rear
    • SUZUKI STREETMAGIC [Street Magic] 97- (Type : CA 1 LA Frame No : CA1LA-100001-) For rear
    • ...e più.
    postato Feb 15, 2018Address 10
    Di Skumin Roman (6)Da parte diUkraine
    Колодки очень хорошего качества, тормоза становятся очень мягкими. Я очень доволен конечным результатом. Откатаю, напишу на сколько хватило.
    (translated by Google Translator)
    The shoes are very go...Leggi di più