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1,080 Recensioni Visualizza tipo:
    Si adatta:
    • HONDA CB1300SF (All Years)
    • KAWASAKI CB1300SB (All Years)
    • SUZUKI CB1300ST (All Years)
    • YAMAHA Z750Four (All Years)
    • Z900 (All Years)
    • ...e più.
    Di T T (4)Da parte diThailand
    เป็นปลอกแฮนด์ที่สวยมาก เนื้อวัสดุที่มีคุณภาพ การออกแบบที่ดี ขั้นตอนในการใส่เพียง 1-2 ขั้นตอนก็เรียบร้อย เหมาะกับการใช้งานที่หลากหลายทั้งทางใกล้และการเดินทางไกล ช่วยลดการสั่นสะเทือนในขณะขับขี่ กระชับเว...Leggi di più
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    • Others Universal
    • HONDA CB1100 RS [SC65] 17 * Separately 61380 / 92322 necessary
    postato Oct 10, 2017Somewhat effective
    I purchased it using Point. Installation is easy, but since it can be fixed at any angle,It took a while to work with comparing with the photo without knowing the angle of the best.It is about a grade...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • DUCATI SCRAMBLER MACH2.0 17 for Front
    • HONDA SCRAMBLER Limited Edition/Italia Independent 16
    • YAMAHA SCRAMBLER Sixty2 16-17
    • BMW NIGHTHAWK750 91
    • ...e più.
    postato Oct 7, 2017Large strange is good..
    1) Cost performance was good with a certain Manufacturer.2) Handling after installation / Grip has improved very much.3) I changed my installation by myself but it was a hot day in summer, so it was L...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • HONDA CB1300SF 14M/SC54-2000001- 13M/SC54-1900001- 11M/SC54-1800001- 10M/SC54-1700001-
    • 400X 17YM/NC47-1200001- 16M/NC47-1100001- 13-
    • FORZA (MF10) 14-
    • FORZA-Si (MF12) 13M/MF12-1000001- 13M/NC47-1000001-
    • SILVERWING400 GT NF03 09M/NF03-1000001-
    • ...e più.
    postato Oct 5, 2017The feeling of grasp is good
    Honda's Sports GripHeater has the same diameter as OEMGrip so there is no discomfort in the feeling of comfort.Since Switch is also small and fits next to Grip, the periphery of Handlebar gets cle...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • DUCATI 750F1 85-86 Displacement : 750cc Genuine links : 98
    • CAGIVA MHR900 81 Displacement : 864cc Genuine links : 100
    • HONDA 750 Elephant 93-97 Displacement : 750cc Genuine links : 108
    • KAWASAKI ELEFANT900 -97 IE displacement : 900cc Genuine links : 110
    • SUZUKI V-RAPTOR1000 [Laputol] -97 Displacement : 900cc Genuine links : 108
    • ...e più.
    postato Oct 3, 2017Super chain
    Di Roland (13)Da parte diRussia
    This chain looks very heavy. It was very hard to remove extra links at installation time - the chain is very firmly assembled. It was used in combination with 15 and 49 sprockets and 116 links length ...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • HONDA BENLY50 [Benry] Pro AA 03
    • Dio110 JF31 11M/JF31-1000001- 13-
    • BENLY CD110 [Benry] JA09 14-
    • CTX1300 Model : SC54F
    • DUNK [DUNK] 09-13
    • ...e più.
    The performance of Body is good. Sensitivity is good and it will not malfunction with unnecessary vibration. However, the method of releasing Alarm is roundabout. If the Engine key is ON, grasp the Br...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • YAMAHA YZF-R1 Race Base 10 for Front
    • HONDA X11 99
    • SUZUKI VFR800 98|00|02|04|06
    • BMW VTR1000FVTR1000F FIRESTORM 98|01-02
    • ...e più.
    It is a change from ROSSO CORSA of Pirelli.The warming up of Tire itself is also early and the Grip at Dry is high.It is expected because everyone's impair seems to be waiting for Tire.Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • HONDA CB1100 EX 14-17 for Rear
    • SUZUKI GSX-R750 85-86
    • GPX750R 86
    • ZEPHYR400 89|95-96
    • ...e più.
    postato Sep 28, 2017IRC's Tire is good CP
    I am thankful for Lineup which also corresponds to old MODEL.If made in Japan is safe at this price no complaints.I do not know the durability yet so I tried star 3 for the time being.Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • KAWASAKI D Tracker 125 klx 125 Eliminator 125 250 TR Barrios Barrios 2 D Tracker X z 250 Extreyer Estrella RS Estereya Custom Eliminator 250 LX Eliminator 250 SE Eliminator 250 V Super Seller er - 4 n w 400 Zephyr 400 Zephyr χ zrx ​​400 zrx 400 - Balkan 400 Vulcan 400 - Balkan 400 Classic Versus Balkan S W 650 Zephyr 750 Zephyr 750 RS w 800 z 800 z 1 000 Zephyr 1100 Zephyr 1100 RS zrx 1100 zrx 1200 daeg ksr 110 klx 250 Balkan 900 Classic
    • SUZUKI Jobel 200 Banban 200 Burgman 200 Bandit 250 gsr 250 gsx 250 fx st 250 st 250 e type intreder LC 2 50 glass tracker glass tracker big boy javel 250 x c gemma sky wave 250 sky wave 250 LTD version Sky Wave SS Sky Way 250 Type M Sky Way 250 Type S Sky Way 250 Type S Basic Voltire DR - Z 400 SM GSR 400 GSX 400 Impulse Inazuma 400 Intruder 400 Intruder Classic Gradius 400 ABS Skywave 400 Skywave Type S Boulevard 400 GSR 600 Gradius gsr 750 Bandit 1200 GSF 1200 Bandit 1250 ABS v-strom 1000 V-strom 650 gs x-s 1000 gs x-s 1
    • HONDA 000 f GSX 1400 Boulevard C 109 R Bulbard M 109 R Address v 50 Choinori Let's Let's G Letts 2 Let's 4 Secrets 5 address v100 address 110 ad Scan v125 address v125g address v125s address v125ss gn125 Vekusuta 125 Vekusuta 150
    • YAMAHA Ftr 223 cb 223 s crf 250 l crf 250 m crf 250 z crm 250 arb 250 hornet 250 jade ps 250 vtr 250 v-twin magna xr 250 xr 250 mottard phase type S for for site for site ex forza forza x forza z forza si fusion fusion type x fusion SE free frees 400 x broth 400 cb 400 f cb 400 sf cb 400 s c 400 f cl400 vrx400 roadster shadow 400 shadow 400 custom shadow 400 classic shadow slasher Silver wing GT Steed 400 Steed 400vls Steed 400vlx ctx700 Hornet 600 Silver wing GT600 ctx700n nc700s nc700x nc700x type LD integral cb750 vt750s shadow 750 shadow phantom 750 vfr800x CB900 Hornet cb1000sf cb1000r cb1100 cb1100 type 1 cb 1100 Type 2 vfr 1200 x cb 1300 sf vt 1300 cs vt 1300 cr vt 1300 cx x 4 x 11 Joker 50 joker 90 ct 110 m Na 50 pcx Dio 110 pcx 150 Ape bite c 100 dio Jazz Magna 50 dunk Tact Clare Squawp Gorilla Gyro x Gyro up Shary Giulio Jorno Joker 50 Jurukabu Jorno Claire Jorno Sport Super Dio Super Cub 50 Super Cub dx Zoomer Smart Dio Smart Dio z 4 Today Today F Benriy Monkey Live Dio Live Dio zx Little Cub Joker 90 ape 100 Spacie 100 Lead 100 xr 100 Dio 110 Crosscab Super Cub 110 Zoomer x Scoopy 110 Benlei 110 Read ex msx 125 pcx Grom lead 125 nc 750 x nc 750 s f 6 c vfr 1200 x
    • Integra cb 650 f cb 400 f 400 x sh mode
    • ...e più.
    Attached to Yamahabolt.I was impressed to install.In addition to the wide visible range, the car's light is not dazzling! \ \ (°∀°) / /I do not know if it's because it's hea...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • TRIUMPH TT600 (TRIUMPH) 00|02-03 for Rear
    • DUCATI SPRINT ST 00-01|03-04|07-09
    • CAGIVA SPEEDTRIPLE 01|04|06-10
    • BUELL DAYTONA955i 01
    • BMW DAYTONA600 03
    • ...e più.
    postato Sep 27, 2017I will often grip
    I am Sideray race participating RiderIn Circuit, there are mostly Riders using Pirelli, and Michelin is rare.But this Tire, I will often grip.I can not compare because I have never worn Pirelli, but I...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • KAWASAKI KSR-I (All Years)
    • SUZUKI KS-II (All Years)
    • YAMAHA KSR-II (All Years)
    • HONDA KSR110 (All Years)
    • AR50 (All Years)
    • ...e più.
    Almost like American!I also have weight, and I am satisfied because it is not so expensive as to price!With JOKER Helmet you can come up with astringency!Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • HUSQVARNA SMS630 10 For front use
    • BMW K1300GT 09 For front use
    • KAWASAKI NINJA400R (-2013) 10-12 For front use
    • DUCATI STREETFIGHTER 09-11 For front use
    • TRIUMPH THRUXTON 1200 16 For front use
    • ...e più.
    postato Sep 19, 2017Cost performance highest
    Since OEMTire diminished durably, I thought about PILOT ROAD 3 but Pattern selected PILOT ROAD 2 instead of liking. I thought that the Motorcycle was broken with trembling handlebar if I did not have ...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • YAMAHA MT-09 14- RM34J
    • HONDA CB1300SF 03- SC54
    • CB1100 12- SC65
    • CB400SF 07- NC42
    • MT-07 14- RM07J
    I thought that I wanted to change from a long time ago, I was sorting out All In One's things and Cheap HID in certain Oakonjo, but I was uneasy in quality and could not put my hands ...While that...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • HONDA CB1100 10-
    postato Sep 11, 2017It gathers firmly
    Rear Fender of CB 1100 is too long to give Retro feeling. There is no sense of incongruity when it is NORMAL, but if you mess with it, you will see it unnoticed. This Fender holds the acupuncture poin...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • YAMAHA FZ1-N RN21J 2D1A/2D1X/1EC7/1EC8 FNo.1-9999999
    • SUZUKI MT07/MT07A RM07J 1WS3/1XB4 FNo.1-9999999
    • KAWASAKI FJR1300A/FJR1300AS RP27J 1MC8/1MD3 FNo.1-9999999
    • HONDA FAZER/FZ1/FZ1-S RN21J FZ1/FZ1-S 1CA8/1CAJ/1CAN/1CAT/1CAU/1CAV/2DV7/3C3G FNo.1-9999999
    • BOLT / BOLT-R / BOLT-R (A) (bolt) VN04J XVS950CU / XVS950CU (A) 1TP4 / 2CY1 / 2DX6 / 2DX8 FNo. 1-9999999
    • ...e più.
    postato Sep 8, 2017Oil filter
    Di NO NAME (3)Da parte diSingapore
    I have use this oil filter for few time last year. Good oil filter with affordable price. Fit well on the bike no leak. Can last up to 8000km. Two times oil change.Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • HONDA X11 99 For front use
    • KAWASAKI VTR1000FVTR1000F FIRESTORM 98|01-02 For front use
    • SUZUKI VTR1000SP 00|02 For front use
    • YAMAHA CBR1100XX SUPERBLACKBIRD 96|99|01 For front use
    • BMW CBR1000F 93 For front use
    • ...e più.
    Until now I was wearing Michelin Pilot Load 2, Pilot Power, Pilot Power 2 CT, Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2, Pilot Power 3.Mostly 500 km around Winding / I use Touring for the day.From Touring tire I am pick...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • HONDA CB1100 RS [SC65] 17 * Separately 61380 / 92322 necessary
    postato Sep 5, 2017I can not run without it
    Naked Motorcycle I do not want to insist on insisting that I'm wearing itAt first sight, I like feeling that I have not arrived.Running without running it will be good up to 80 km, but if you over...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • KAWASAKI KRF750 【Model year】 09 【Year Code】 K9F [Remarks] Teryx 750 FI 4X4 LE
    • HONDA KVF750 【Model year】 08 【Year Code】 A8F [Remarks] Teryx 750 4X4
    • YAMAHA KVF700 【Model year】 06-07 【Year Code】 B6
    • SUZUKI KSV700 B7 [Remarks] Brute Force 750 4X4i
    • KVF650 【Model year】 09 【Year Code】 G9F [Remarks] Teryx 750 FI 4X4
    • ...e più.
    postato Aug 31, 2017I also used this time.
    I bought it because the replacement of the Oil filter is approaching.Since I bought it at Sale time, I am superior in Cost performance.Recently I have been using this product all the time, especially ...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • HONDA CBF600 08 For front use
    • KAWASAKI CBF500 04 For front use
    • SUZUKI BROS400 90 For front use
    • YAMAHA CBR600F 99|01-02|12 For front use
    • BMW CBR600RR 03|05-07|09-11|13-15 For front use
    • ...e più.
    postato Aug 28, 2017Easy Tire!
    Replacement from Metzler MEZ6.Dry There was a Metzler stickiness of the road surface, but as long as you run at legal speed Michelin is enough too.There was a strong feeling of bringing Steering to th...Leggi di più
    Si adatta:
    • YAMAHA TMAX500 SJ08J 【Usage place】 Hi 【Required number】 1 lamp
    • KTM TMAX500 SJ04J 【Usage place】 Hi / Lo 【Required number】 1 lamp
    • MV AGUSTA DUKE690 (-2015) 【Usage place】 Hi * General purpose rubber cover processing
    • TRIUMPH DUKE390 【Usage place】 Hi / Lo 【Required number】 1 light * Since the genuine three-pole coupler is inside the rubber cover
    • DUCATI DUKE125 (-2011) it is necessary to escape to the outside
    • ...e più.
    postato Aug 26, 2017Bright!
    It is cheerful that it does not become a thing compared to OEM! It is cheap if you get this view at this price. However, as for the LED, it seems that Rose attachment tends to occur at the irradiation...Leggi di più
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